MindManager 11 for Mac is now available

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As shared with us by Corel, the developer of MindManager, a new major version of MindManager for Mac is now available.

Highlights in this release:

  • Expanded Template Library
    More than a dozen inspired new and improved templates designed to empower sharper thinking, smarter decisions and better outcomes (e.g. timelines, workflow diagrams and concept maps).
  • Digital Architect & Dashboard Wizard
    Create customized visual structures to better understand your business. Program map elements to display real-time changes.
  • Manage Tasks
    Track task effort, task milestones, calculate summary tasks using task roll-ups, manage task dependencies and utilize a project calendar to track working days.
  • Publisher & Interactive Presentation Export
    Seamlessly share maps with colleagues, partners, customers and more. Put more polish, professionalism and impact into map presentations.

MindManager for Mac

* Upgrades for MindManager for Mac are available for all previous versions



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