“The ability to learn faster than our competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage”
(Arie de Geus)

Organisations that start using Mind Mapping software notice that:

  • it takes less time to make minutes, reports, manuals, (sales) presentations, designs of websites;
  • the communication both internally and externally strongly improves and that if collaboration takes place together with the client with Mind Map (can even be done remotely online) the relation with the client becomes much closer;
  • solutions are found faster;
  • complex ideas and concepts are formulated more clearly and are communicated more specifically;
  • a Mind Map provides an overview at first sight of the complete project, book, report, problem area, meeting, party, moving, etc.) including the connections, priorities, order, and dependencies;
  • meetings become shorter, more pleasant and more effective;

In this way many organisations have used the Mind Mapping in order to display the discussions at the 10- 15 tables during the so-called ‘diner pensants’ directly live via a Mind Map on a large projection screen.

Many consultancy organisations use Mind Mapping for:

  • Brainstorming and the stimulation of creativity
  • Development of policy, strategy and business models
  • Development of project plans
  • Writing reports and business plans
  • Increasing power of both persons and organisation
  • Making minutes, excerpts, and websites
  • Linking policy to implementation and monitoring progress
  • Communicating of policy and operation