Generate a matrix management report with exception reporting from your mindmap

Example of a mindmap and a generated matrix.

The aHa!Matrix export is the most versatile add-in available for MindManager.

It automatically generates a simple matrix view of the information of your Mindjet maps, or a more complex dashboard including interactive statistics and location information using a Google Maps integration.

The add-in comes with three templates to generate a HTML file with a matrix. The hierarchical structure of your map creates rows, columns and cells in the matrix or table. The notes of the topics in your map are transferred to the corresponding cells including hyperlinks. The color of your branche will become the color of your cell. These HTML matrices can be used every map you would like to (also) see as a matrix or process flow.

The export can be used for Balanced Scorecards, Stakeholder strategies, project or program management etc.

With our partner World of Minds we have created new templates with more possibilities. The templates were initially custom made for clients, and then made more generic for a wider use.

All templates use the MindManager map for content management. The result of the dashboard, statistics and locations can be controlled using icons in the mindmap.

Take a look at the examples of the dashboards created in cooperation with World of Minds (in Dutch).

For more information about the extended templates, please contact us.

The aHa!Matrix Export add-in is available for Mindjet MindManager (for Windows) 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 14, 2012, 15, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 21 and 22.


*The trial version of the aHa!Matrix export will only allow access to the ‘classic’ template and for the first 5 Main Topics of your map to be exported into a matrix.